You Must Answer The Call!

You Must Answer The Call!

Don’t rely too heavily on your voicemail! Since we deal with internet lead generation, we have to make sure that the home service professionals that we work with are answering the phone!

When a potential customer is looking for your business online and take the next step to call you, they are a HOT lead. If you don’t answer the phone, the odds of you closing that sale go down significantly.

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer! What if your home and belongings were being ruined by water? You hop on your mobile phone and go straight to trusty ol’ Google to do a search for a water damage company in your city! Quickly, you click on the first listing that comes up. They look like a legit company so you pick up the phone and call the number listed! Bummer… NO ANSWER! What are you going to do? Call someone else!

If that customer calls another water damage company and that company picks up the phone, he’s going to get that sale! Even if you call back within a couple hours, the home owner has already made that decision and you missed out on thousands of dollars!

It’s understandable to miss a call but if you can return that call within the first few minutes, your conversions are going to be approximately 300% higher than if you were to let even more time pass! Don’t be a fool! Pick Up The Phone!

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