Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Difference Between Send More Calls and Other Lead Referral Companies?

Send More Calls is a call generator rather than a lead aggregator. We generate 100% of the calls we sell – no middleman. Every call is sent directly and exclusively to you – no sharing with 5 other Hvac companies or stale email leads that were interested 2 weeks ago. Additionally, many of the calls we generate are through search, which means the homeowners are actively looking into an Hvac service repair or install the minute you receive their call.

How Does Your System Work?

During the signup process, you will determine the types of calls, filters, and geographic areas you are interested in. After confirming your configuration with an account manager and completing our best-practices focused onboarding process, you are now ready to start receiving real-time phone calls delivered straight to your phone. If you ever need to make an adjustment to your account settings, you will have an account manager who you will have direct access to and who can help you with all of your concerns.

How are the leads generated?

Because we have no long-term commitments, we believe the best way to keep our customers coming back for more calls is to produce a quality product. That’s why we advertise on major search engines and local directories, capturing people who are actively searching for services that you offer. We never use telemarketing to solicit customers. Each exclusive calls is forwarded directly to your phone. No middleman or outdated calls. This all equals high buyer intent calls at the exact moment they need an Hvac company to help them!

What Happens if I Get an Invalid Call?

We only bill for calls that are from people who are searching for the specific services you offer. This includes people who are shopping around and asking for prices, but would never include someone who is outside your service area, a job seeker, a marketing company or looking for anything that is not a service you told us you offer.

We have a back office that you can log-in to where you can listen to the call recordings. This enables both of us to review and dispute the quality of a call. You will be credited for invalid calls that do not meet the above criteria. We want to provide high quality phone calls that help you grow – meaning you should never pay for invalid calls.

Do you share my leads?

No way no how! All calls come directly to you and are never shared with your competitors or other Hvac companies. We want to work with you for the next 20 to 30 years and want to deliver the best calls to help you grow.

Do I Have to Sign a Contract?

There is no contract to sign. You are not locked in to crazy long-term commitments. Either we deliver qualified phone calls that help grow your Hvac company or you are free to move on. But we know it won’t come to that.

How Many Calls Should I Expect?

The number of calls you receive from us can vary substantially depending on the services you offer and your service area. The degree of competition in your area and whether your services have a seasonal nature to them can also affect the volume of calls. We can work with you to move call volume up or down depending on your needs.

How Much Do Your Hvac Phone Calls Cost?

Our leads vary in price depending on the type of lead and any filters you may optionally choose. Our goal is to provide high quality phone calls that help you grow at a cost that makes sense to both of us.